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ARMC Introduces New Program

By Ariel Dun
Community Writer
2017-04-20 at 08:39:16
COLTON>> Arrowhead Regional Medical Center announced it is one of the first hospitals in Southern California now using the Resuscitation Quality Improvement® Program (RQI), a comprehensive training program from the American Heart Association that addresses the problem of rapid skills deterioration. During a Nursing Skills Day at 7 a.m. on April 11, ARMC debuted advanced Simulation Stations that were positioned throughout the hospital. This enabled healthcare workers refresh vital CPR skills in just minutes every 90 days. Research has confirmed that CPR skills of compression and ventilation can significantly degrade within three to six months, well before the end of the traditional two-year CPR certificate expiration. RQI is the next evolution of CPR training, bringing the latest learning technology and simulation stations directly to the hospital and staff. The subscription-based training program provides the same cognitive and skills modules as a traditional CPR training program, but delivers it quarterly rather than every two years to ensure resuscitation skills remain at the highest standard. “At ARMC we are always striving for the best in patient care, and the availability of RQI at our hospital is yet another way we are embracing tools to support our staff in providing high-quality healthcare,” said Hospital Director, William Gilbert. “With more frequent practice of these vital skills, we are in a better position to help patients in emergency cardiovascular situations.” With nearly 600,000 cases of cardiac arrest annually in the United States, heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. Millions of healthcare providers and others trust the AHA for lifesaving training. RQI is designed to ensure resuscitation skills remain at the highest standard.

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