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32nd Annual Pageant of our Lord Comes to Southern California

By Margie Miller
2017-04-19 at 14:59:58
All>> The 32nd Annual Pageant of our Lord recently came to Southern California. The Pageant of our Lord brings the gospel of Jesus Christ to life, by using real people to represent famous works of art. The pageant was directed and produced by Dr. David Halverson, who wanted to pass on the message of hope. "In this world where there is so much hopelessness, we are celebrating the hope that we have as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ," said Halverson. Over 400 volunteers helped put on this years pageant, which through it's combination of art, drama, and dance, has enthralled and captivated all who have witnessed it. The first act was a showcase of the pieces, "Well of Moses", "Adam and Eve Driven From Eden", "Adoration of the Shepherds", "Feeding of the Five Thousand", "Walking on Water", "Woman at the Well", Expulsion of the Money Changers", and "The Last Supper." Each set involved a set of actors bringing to life the famous art piece. The actors brought brought to the stage the sights and sounds of a particular art piece, before pausing in place, effectively recreating the scene from the painting. The second act opened with "Entr'acte", and was followed by a video titled "Hope in Lebanon." next set of re-enactments shown were, "Christ in Gethsemane", "Ecce Homo (Behold the Man)", Descent from the Cross". These acts were followed by an interpretive dance. The remaining set of art pieces shown were, "Pieta", "He is Risen", and "The Ascension of Christ." The Pageant of our Lord occurred just in time for Easter, a time for remembering the life and death of Christ, and all he stood for. While the Pageant of Our Lord is praised by many for its brilliant combination of the various art forms, it is also meant to be a spiritual event. Attendees of the pageant have described the show as, "something you have to see to believe," and "a spiritual experience." The Pageant of our Lord has been reminding people of the gospel of Christ for 32 years. "Although this unique presentation is different each year, the essential message of God's love and grace remains the same," said Halverson. "I am so grateful to the leadership of our church for supporting the vision that a few of us shared 32 years ago." For more information about the Pageant of our Lord, visit their website at

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