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Colton Church Cleans Martin Tudor Splash Park

By Erik Menchaca
Community Writer
2017-03-01 at 11:07:28
COLTON>> On Sunday, Feb. 12, about 70 members from the World Mission Society Church of God gathered together to clean Martin Tudor Splash Park, located in Fontana. Due to an abnormal amount of recent rain, the dirt hills caused mud slides around the Martin Tudor Splash Park and the build-up accumulated around the playground area and water slides. The Church of God has previously done volunteer services in neighboring cities such as Rialto, San Bernardino and Colton and has even received the Making A Difference Award from the Colton City Council. In response to the achievements carried out in Colton, the Fontana City Council enlisted the help of the Church of God to clear the park of excess mud and dirt. The park had been scheduled to open in May for the enjoyment of the community. However, after seeing all of the clearing that needed to be done, it was a consideration that the park would need costly renovation and cleaning first. “The work that had to be done today at Jurupa Hills Park involved clearing out mud that had washed down the mountain during the bad winter season and flooded the splash pad, washed out the planter and had gone under the slides," said Earl Vernon, a city worker. "The brothers and sisters from the Church of God did a great job of removing the dirt and cleaning that needed to be dealt with. We greatly appreciated their time and effort, and I hope they come back soon.” Despite the severe muddy build-up, the Church of God members were happy to be able to participate in this clean up event. With much to do the volunteers began their work at 8 a.m. so they could have plenty of time to thoroughly clean every area of the park. From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., the members wholeheartedly shoveled out the mud and dirt from each flood-affected area of the park. Within a few hours, the park, which had been considering extended closure due to the unforeseen flooding, looked as good as new and will now be able to open in May according to schedule. In appreciation, the supervisor of the clean up team, Freddie Fix, thanked the members who participated saying, “We were very impressed with the work. We doubted they would be able to get even done half of what was accomplished. We were so surprised with the volunteers. They exceeded everything we expected and were very hard workers.” In an effort to carry out the teaching of the Bible to “shine the glory of God through good deeds,” the church said they are happy to help in future volunteer activities wherever they may be needed and encourages anyone to come and visit the church located at 1401 Mt. Vernon Ave. in Colton.
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