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World Mission Society Church of God Cleans Colton City Bike Path

By Treavor Sellnow
Community Writer
2016-01-10 at 17:11:50
On Sunday, December 20th, about 40 members of the World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Joo-Cheol Kim) went to work cleaning up the bike path along Colton Avenue just west of the Gonzales Community Center. The church has been working hand in hand with the city since September, receiving a project from the city monthly. Some previous projects include painting park benches at Davis Park and cleaning around the Gonzales Community Center. This month the given project was to weed up and clean along the bike path going from G Street to Mount Vernon Avenue in preparation for new wood chips being spread along the path. It is the third project the Church has done with the city. “A positive aspect that we get when we do this is encouragement from the community. They will drive by, see us, and be inspired to think of how they can give back to the community,” Assistant Overseer Treavor Sellnow said. The Church of God states that their purpose is to clean up their neighborhoods and restore a sense of community that has been lost in the current individualistic society. The Church of God, emphasizes having the mind of a mother who cleans up after her children without asking for recognition or reward. So without hesitation, the members met at the park at 10 a.m. in the morning and rolled up their sleeves. Even while they were hard at work, church members were all smiles during the three hours they worked. As they were cleaning, the members received a surprise visit from Colton City Mayor Pro Tem, Frank Navarro and he gave the members words of encouragement calling them “a blessing to the city.” The Church of God, which was first established in 1964, spread to the San Bernardino County area in 2011. Since then, the Church of God has made great efforts on both a worldwide and a local scale trying to improve the condition of the world. Worldwide, the church has held thousands of clean-ups since its establishment and has been working hand-in-hand with the neighboring communities to beautify our communities. According to Sellnow, there is a deeper benefit than beautification of the city. “I think this brings a sense of community and family,” Sellnow said. The church welcomes anyone who would like to help on future events to come by their church in Colton for a Bible study.
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