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By Dr. Luis S. González
Community Writer
03/28/2024 at 06:12 AM

At the recent Council Meeting March 19, Council Member Dr.G (Dr. Luis S. González) presented the “Business Focus” Recognition Award to Mr. David Magana, owner of DM Contracting, Inc. This long-established company has been a key partner for many construction projects in the City of Colton since 1993. Every time you turn around you often see a DM truck or equipment out on the streets working on a brick wall, sidewalk, street, or curb and gutters. In addition to longevity, and the local connection, this company is also a fully-engaged family business. Mr. Magana and his four children work together and are either on-site, in the office, or running errands.

To say that DM Contracting has been a successful local business is probably a good description. Their track record of accomplishments, and evidence of local construction projects speak for themselves

Originally from Michoacán, Mexico, David Magana came to California as an energetic 18 yr. old, looking for opportunity and a better life. His first job was that of picking oranges in various groves in Redlands, Mentone, Riverside and Rialto.

From 1985-1992, David worked for a construction company in El Monte, CA and rose to become a foreman until the company went out of business. Upon his exit, his boss offered to sell his entire inventory of heavy equipment for $46,000 and worked out a deal with David to pay $7,000 a month until it was paid off.  The next problem for David was finding a place to put his equipment.

No longer employed, he moved his family to Colton where he had a couple of friends. The next day, David and his two friends went back to El Monte to pick up the equipment, drove them to Colton, and ended up parking them along Harber Street. Realizing David’s parking dilemma, a curious neighbor decided to help David by contacting the owner of a vacant white building across the street with some extra land. He agreed to rent the property to David for $300/mo.  From that time on, David Magana was in business, and soon he bought the adjacent property and eventually bought part of the vacant property across the street.

Today he has 4 1/2 acres, about 30 pieces of equipment, ten employees, plus a legacy of well-built construction projects throughout Colton and the surrounding area

Mr. David Magana, his family and his entire crew are to be congratulated for their tremendous effort in building this company, and operating a successful local family-operated business in Colton for over 30 years. We truly hope that they will continue their successful business for years to come, and we want to recognize them for their hard work, completed projects, future projects, and for making a valuable contribution to our community and to our local economy.

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