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Colton Council of Churches Gets off to Inspiring Start

By Christina Perris
community submission
06/05/2024 at 02:20 PM

Last Saturday, May 25, 2024; Dr.G hosted the fourth meeting of the newly established Colton Council of Churches and the responses have not only been positive, but inspirational as well.

        According to Dr.G, “The purpose of this new association is to bring representatives of all Colton churches together for networking, prayer, mutual inspiration and discussion.” So far-to-date, twenty-five churches have participated in the monthly meetings, and gradually others are joining in.

        All of the meetings have included an opening welcome segment followed by a historical analysis and performance (and singing) of a traditional hymn. A presentation is then given to offer a unique perspective and share information based on biblical research. Such topics have included “The Greatest Miracle,” “Genealogy of Jesus,” “Humanity of Jesus,” and most recently, “Women and Jesus.” Based on the topic, a special interest question(s) is added to the presentation and a thoughtful biblical discussion is exercised amongst the attendees. “The deep biblical discussion is a valuable part of this meeting,” says Pastor Conrad Valdez.

        Over time, this association looks to continue their meetings, but is also planning community activities that bring the churches together. Recently, several members of the Church Council organized the National Day of Prayer event at City Hall. The attendance was excellent and there was a large number of participants. Looking forward to the calendar, the association is planning an all-church picnic on August 10. Church leaders and representatives will be able to invite their church members to “meet and greet” under the banner of mutual church fellowship. An All-Church Community Prayer Breakfast is also planned for Oct 12.

        One response offered by a regular attender was Hannah Avalos, who commented, “I attend the Church Council because it’s important to network and be aware of what’s happening with churches in the community.” Several of the church leaders have attended more than once, and overall, the attendance has been very good. “It’s good to get to know new people,” said Pastor Reuben Cimental, who had offered a prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance at the recent meeting.

        As long as the attendance remains steady and the interest in the association continues to develop and grow, the Colton Council of Churches will move forward with its plans. DrG has already reserved the Woman’s Club for future monthly meetings through December, which normally falls on the fourth Saturday of each month at 9:00am.

        For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up project, the G-Team, prayer list, history briefs, Veteran Spotlight, Church spotlight, Business Spotlight, U.S. Flag watch, neighborhood meetings, community projects and events, or the online live-stream programs, contact Dr.G @ 909-213-3730.  Questions and comments are always welcome.