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Expanding Senior Transportation Program with New Excursions

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By Stella Pierce
Community Writer
05/29/2024 at 11:25 AM

The Senior Transportation Program, overseen by Miss Vicky, continues to enhance the quality of life for seniors in Grand Terrace by offering a variety of excursions and essential transportation services. The program, designed to keep seniors active and engaged, is now reaching new destinations and offering more opportunities for community involvement.

Miss Vicky, who manages the transportation program, spoke about its importance. "The program is available and open to all seniors residing in Grand Terrace," she said. "This service, provided by the city, aims to promote the quality of life for our seniors."

The program features a variety of excursions and events, ensuring that seniors have plenty of opportunities for socializing and entertainment. "We go to casinos, have movie nights, and arrange breakfasts at different restaurants," Miss Vicky explained. "It's a way to bring all seniors together, have a good time, and live their best life."

One of the highlights of the program is its flexibility and reach. While the bus operates on an as-needed basis, appointments are crucial to ensure smooth service. "Appointments are made by calling the transportation appointment line at 909-953-5833," Miss Vicky noted. "We go anywhere in the city of Grand Terrace and also to nearby cities like Colton for medical appointments. We've recently added Redlands for medical appointments too."

The program also covers medical trips to major facilities. "We go to Loma Linda and Arrowhead Regional for medical appointments, and we recently had a scheduled event in Cathedral City where everyone had a great time," Miss Vicky shared.

To participate in the transportation program, seniors must complete a transportation form. "All participants must fill out the form, which can be picked up at the Senior Center or City Hall, or by contacting me directly," Miss Vicky said. "I can email, mail, or even drop off the form at your residence if needed."

The dedication of Miss Vicky and the city to this program highlights Grand Terrace's commitment to its senior residents. By providing reliable transportation and organizing engaging activities, the program ensures that seniors remain active, connected, and well-supported.

For more information or to schedule transportation, seniors can contact the appointment line at 909-953-5833.